Some Context

Medical inhalers are the preferred way to deliver drugs through the respiratory tract. However, the ones currently available on the market present low effectiveness rates as a result of a number of limitations:

• The jet speed is too high

• The dosage is not precise

• Particles are either too big or too small

Consequently, natural airflow is disrupted and only about 5% of the therapy reaches the desired area, as most of it is swallowed. Furthermore, the delivered dosage is not precise, preventing pharmaceutical companies from exploiting promising opportunities in the nose-to-brain (N2B) delivery, which would allow drugs to easily bypass the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). This stops more than 500 compounds from ever hitting the market as well as millions of patients from using inhalers as less invasive alternative to several current treatments.


Our solution, RT100, is a metered dose inhaler pump that effectively solves these problems. Leveraging an established technology in a new, innovative way, RT100 nebulizes the drug in a fine mist of evenly sized droplets ejected at slow speed. This avoids disruption of the airflow. Moreover, it would allow for N2B therapy by delivering a precise amount of drug to the upper part of the nose (apex), successfully reaching the trigeminal and olfactory nerves. By overcoming the issues that affect current delivery devices, RT100 would not only improve the efficiency of existing treatments, but also address currently unmet patient needs, converting many invasive therapies in easily administrable, inhalable forms.

About Us

Zodiak technologies is a pharmaceutical startup founded by Luigi Teti, a medical doctor specialized in pneumology and with a long managerial experience in healthcare business. It focuses on the development of revolutionary medical inhaler devices through innovative approaches, aimed to improve intranasal drug delivery. Our lead product - RT100 - successfully solves many of the issues currently found in modern-day inhalers. It is convenient, effective, and easy to use, while ensuring a precise drug dosage which directly reaches the CNS. This technology could prove groundbreaking for the treatment of CNS diseases such as migraine or Parkinson’s, but its application extends well beyond this field, proving successful in the delivery of therapies to treat infections, local conditions, and degenerative disorders. Our mission is to create pioneering devices which enhance the overall quality of life by making therapies considerably less invasive and more effective.

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