Welcome to the N2B inhaler next generation

The new device is an innovative inhaler pump (MDIP) that combines two well-knows technologies: the ultrasonic pump and the Mesh vibrating membrane.

It allows for delivery of an accurate micro-dose of drug, doesn’t need any propellent, and atomizes calibrated particles. The micro-dose (<50 microliters) of the medicament follows the natural Nasal air flow (even reaching the olfactory area), adheres to the mucosa and doesn’t flood the nasal cavity.

Our device allows to tune all features of the inhaler: drug amount, delivery time, jet-speed and particle size. The drug is contained in a disposable cartridge that protects its quality and guarantees a precise dosage.

Why Airsystem

Rhinò Airsystem

The first Nose To Brain soft-mist inhaler

Pulmò Airsystem

The most advanced approach to pulmonary drug delivery

Why nose to brain

Welcome to the next generation

Nowadays, intranasal drug delivery is emerging as a reliable method to bypass the blood–brain barrier (BBB) and deliver a wide range of therapeutic agents including small and large molecules…

…growth factors, viral vectors, and even stem cells to the brain and has shown positive results in both animals and humans. This route involves the olfactory and trigeminal nerve systems which initiate in the brain and terminate in the nasal cavity at the olfactory neuroepithelium or respiratory epithelium. They are the only exposed portions of the central nervous system (CNS) and therefore represent the most direct noninvasive method of entry into the brain.

Why Airsystem

There are new and innovative inhaler drugs that do not have an appropriate delivery device, the current Inhalation systems, mechanical spray and pressurized metered dose ones, atomize too much liquid and the output mist is too powerful.

The liquid usually produces a ‘hurricane’ into the nose wich floods the nasal cavity and is swallowed and dispersed. The dose is hardly accurate or repeatable. The new therapies such as ‘Nose to Brain’ (Neuroleptics, Insulin) require the dose of drug to be accurate and completely absorbed. With the right device, hundreds of drugs could be carried through the nose, particularly those that need to bypass the blood brain barrier to reach the CNS.

The first Nose To Brain soft-mist inhaler

Rhinó Airsystem is a nasal metered dose inhaler capable of delivering micro-doses of medication with an accurate dosage and “soft-mist” output. It’s the ideal device for Nose-to-brain (N2B) therapy, which involves the use of drugs with extremely narrow therapeutic windows, and/or for systemic activity.

Rhinò is a portable battery-powered device. The drug is contained in the disposable cartridge in a precise amount and thoroughly protected from external contamination. The mesh, embedded in the cartridge, creates a low jet speed mist that seamlessly reaches the apex of the nose without affecting the natural air flow.

Delivery ends with the emptying of the pre-dosed cartridge

After inserting the cartridge the therapy is ready for administration

Zero Contamination
The drug is not handled, contained in the sterile cartridge.

The most advanced approach to pulmonary drug delivery

Pulmò Airsystem is an advanced mesh nebulizer compatible with our patented disposable cartridge. The contained drug is protected from any form of contamination, and the dosage is accurate.

Moreover, both the delivery rate and particle diameter are adjustable, which allow the drug to reach the deepest part of the lung with ease.

Pulmò only works when the patient inhales, thus reducing airborne drug pollution. It’s the ideal device for the treatment of conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, and Asthma.


Zodiak technologies is an innovative start-up born in 2018 with the ambition to develop novel respiratory devices for drug nebulization. Our mission is to support pharmaceutical research through hi-tech medical devices, capable of disrupting inhalation therapy and improving patients’ lives.


Zodiak Technologies is a technological boutique, result of the cooperation between multiple skills and experiences, born with the objective of revolutionizing respiratory drug delivery, by creating medical devices specifically tailored for Nose-to-Brain therapy.


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